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Software engineer | Focused on Mobile

I'm a 29-year-old guy with a deep interest on technology and how it may benefit us on our daily life. I did a BSc on Computer Science and Engineering and a MSc on Information Systems and Computer Engineering with focus on Enterprise Information Systems and Software Engineering.

My master thesis was done in collaboration with the Portuguese Air Force and is avaliable here.

Shortly after finishing the degree I joined an ambitious and fast-growing portuguese IT company named SAFIRA (now part of KPMG). During more than three years, I worked with a number of different clients on sectors such as finacial, law and social security. During my stay there I also worked (and managed mostly by myself) on a project with a big company from Denmark.

Despite learning a lot I decided that it was time to move on and experience other facets of the software development world. Searching for a less corporate feel I aimed my guns at the fast-growing mobile sector and, mostly through self-learning, I'm now developing iOS apps both personally and professionaly, as a freelancer.

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what i do.

iOS Development

Devolopment of iOS apps from scratch to delivery.

Software Engineering

Development of software solutions in my area of expertise.

Project Analysis

Analysis of client necessities and requirements and time estimations.

Bug Fixing

Code checkup for best practices, overall quality and bug fixing.


Continuous support after the delivery of the product.


Project management using tools such as JIRA. Client relationship.

recent work.

Here's some of my recent work

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Incêndios Directo

Real time wildfire information in Portugal.

Running Schedule

Races schedule around you.

Nursing App

Geotracking App

Todo Lists

Other work & skills

other interests.

Here's what I like to do when I'm not working




what people say.

"It is always a pleasure to work with Luís. Besides his technical skills, also his valuable constructive feedback advances the projects."

Christian HansenMobile Developer

"During our time, I've come to appreciate Luís's technical excellence, his analytical skills, his ability to adapt and to solve any task or issue you may throw his way. In general, Luís has been a humorous and in well liked member of our team."

Anders NielsenProject Leader

"Luis excelled at his assignments, using his sound engineering background, with an incredible professionalism at all times. He engaged the client with confidence, was true team player and delivered software with consistency and quality. The project had some high pressure moments, which Luis handled really well."

Pietro CasellaProject Manager

"I have been working alongside Luis for almost two years now, and let me tell you: this guy is for real. From programming, to business rules, to webservices' integration, he can deliver it all. Versatile and with a great work rhythm, Luis is a tremendous team player both remotely and on-site, contributing not only to the solution's quality, but also to the team's spirit with his humour and patience."

Andy GonçalvesSoftware Engineer

"Luis is always ready to share his knowledge, to learn new things and improve his skills. When he is presented with new challenges, he always discusses with the team his approaches to make sure the right choices will be made. Which, in my opinion, is great both for the overall consistency and quality of a product. In addition, he is a very peaceful person, being able to react fast and calmly on stressful situations."

Bruno SampaioFront End Developer


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Lisbon, Portugal

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